Dr. Sahief

Almothana Alqawasmeh
Who is Dr. Shaief
To wear a red nose... means to be a source of joy, hope, and joyful tones that will never be forgotten.

Dr. Shaief, from the Shawafin family, spent a significant portion of his life on the "Spacetoon" planets. He studied the specialty of bridging the distance between humans and their smiles and excelled in the engineering of emotions and poetry. Dr. Shaief is distinguished by his ability to see smiles and laughter no matter how far away they are, spotting them as quickly as the wind with his high sensitivity, keen eyesight, and magnifying lens. His unique skill lies in demolishing the walls of sadness and frowns, building bridges to reach people's hearts, and planting hope in their lives. He can turn any frown into a smile, any smile into a laugh, and any laugh into a guffaw.