Crisis Response Programme

Circus Smile Mission

Circus Smile is a circus-like and clowning workshop conducted by RED NOSES Jordan clowns for children who are affected by crises; mainly refugees and war emotionally-injured children. The purpose of this program is to positively enhance the lives of young individuals in these areas.

In this programme two clowns provide 4 days, 3 hours/day workshop, where 15-20 children learn clown pieces, magic tricks, and juggling and are prepared to perform what they have learnt in front of an audience. On the final day, caregivers are invited to the final performance where their child is the star of the show! This whole experience is self-fulfilling for the young individuals as they are proud and happy with what they have accomplished. This active participation provides a safe space that stimulates the joy of life in the eyes of children, increases their self-awareness, and highlights their potential. It also has a great impact on developing their communication skills and self-expression, teaches them patience and discipline, and strengthens their relationship with their peers, while at the same time, they work as part of a group harmoniously, taking turns and sharing fairly, enhancing their sense of belonging. The ultimate outcome is enhancing the resilience of these children, building more positive emotions and lasting memories.

Annually, RED NOSES Jordan brings humour and laughter to more than 2,000 Children in the centers of our partners in Jordan:

  • Save the Children.
  • International Medical Corps - IMC.
  • Ruwwad.