For medical staff


RED NOSES Jordan is using an integrated and sustainable approach that not only focuses on children, but also seeks to support medical staff in their daily work with tailor-made seminars about the use of humour in healthcare.

Humour has the potential to create a powerful emotional connection between people, enhancing and stimulating social interactions. It also plays a vital role in reducing stress and anxiety, and in fostering a better working environment.

By sharing this knowledge on the therapeutic benefits of humour, medical staff find new ways of connecting with their patients and with other medical staff, especially in very stressful and tense situations. On the one hand this extends the impact of the RNJD work for hospitalised children, on the other hand, medical personnel can use the newly-acquired tools to improve their own psychosocial well-being and resilience to face the burden of stressful situations in the future. The end result is a more supportive hospital environment where hospitalised children and their families associate healthcare with positive emotions and human connection.