For children


Many children struggle to cope with hospital environment where pain, fear and loneliness are their constant companions. Hospital stays are associated with boredom and anxiety, and the separation from family and friends can have long-term effects on children’s physical, emotional and mental health. These feelings are intensified   with the absence of child-friendly activities in the hospital’s daily routine,   neglecting the importance of children’s basic emotional needs.

As soon as the healthcare clowns of RED NOSES/ Jordan show-up in the paediatric wards, the air fills with fun, music, dancing and laughter. The joy and empathy that the clowns bring make fear and pain quickly forgotten. Consequently, the child is happily distracted, able to disconnect from the stressful situation they are facing and reconnect with pleasant childhood emotions and the happy environment that the clowns bring along.


Annually, RED NOSES Jordan brings joy and laughter to more than 13,000 sick children and their families in the following hospitals:

  • Prince Hamzah Hospital
  • Princess Rahma Hospital
  • Al Bashir hospital
  • Queen Rania Hospital
  • Doctors Without Borders Hospital
  • Jordan University Hospital
  • King Hussein Cancer Centre
  • International Medical Corps Hospital in Azraq Refugee Camp

Circus Smile

Circus Smile is a circus-like and clowning workshop conducted by RED NOSES Jordan clowns for children who are affected by crises; mainly refugees. The purpose of this programme is to positively enhance the lives of young individuals in these areas.  

Two clowns provide a workshop for four days where children learn clown pieces, magic tricks, juggling and are prepared to perform what they have learnt in front of an audience. On the final day,   parents are invited to the final performance where their child is the star of the show!

This whole experience is self-fulfilling for the young individuals as they are proud and happy with what they have accomplished. Standing on a stage to do something significant gives them a newfound self-confidence.  Also, this active participation stimulates the joy of life in the eyes of children, increases their self-awareness and highlights their potentials. It also has a great impact on developing their communication skills and self-expression, teaches them patience and discipline, and strengthens their relationship with their peers, while at the same time they work as part of a group harmoniously, taking turns and sharing fairly, enhancing their sense of belonging.

Yearly, RED NOSES Jordan is able to reach around 2,000 young refugees in Caritas Family Centres in Jordan and the SOS Children’s Village.