For Elderly

Geriatric bedside visits

Geriatric bedside visits to senior citizens are conducted in elderly homes, where the need is at the highest. Regular weekly clown visits by RNJO contribute to increasing the quality of life of elderly. Clowns meet the senior citizens individually at their bedside, with respect and empathy, integrating their personal history and activating all their senses. That means singing songs together, recalling familiar scents, sharing recipes, connecting with memories from their “golden years”. In engaging elderly people in a variety of activities, clowns reveal long-forgotten abilities and create a sense of belonging. 

Geriatric bedside visits are a regular 3 hours weekly visits to the elderly homes. Red Noses Jordan currently provides its services in 2 elderly homes:

  • Darat Samir Shamma for the elderly.
  • Dar Alsalam for elderly care.