Innovation Fund Programme

Blue Heart Circus

In 2024, RNJO started working with children with ASD as a new target group between the age of 7-14 years. Through this programme, children with ASD, together with their peers, participate in Circus Smile workshops for a period of 4 days, given by two healthcare clowns. This intervention is usually conducted with the support of experts in the field. The healthcare clowns are well prepared and trained to take into consideration the specific needs of children with ASD when conducting the workshops. The activities are organic in the sense they are child-driven and child-centred in all aspects. Such engagement promotes more inclusion of children with ASD in society and enhances their access to artistic activities, which leads to improving their emotional well-being and developing social skills.

Parents of children with ASD are also targeted with our interventions. Through the toolbox training workshop, the parents and service providers are equipped with the most up-to-date tools and strategies for supporting children with ASD. Through the Humour Relief workshops, they are given the space and opportunity to get the special attention of the clowns. Such humorous interactions help them disconnect from their realities and experience moments of laughter, joy, and relief, contributing to support their emotional well-being.