Capacity building & training

Striving for excellence

Strategic organisational development, as well as the training and education of our healthcare clowns and office staff are crucial components required for the healthy growth and adaptability of the RED NOSES group.

RED NOSES ensures the implementation of the vision, mission and strategy to the group, by continuously facilitating several capacity building activities throughout the year. Fostering leadership potential, know-how exchange, quality monitoring as well as training for fundraising and communication staff, we guarantee that our beneficiaries receive our services in the highest excellence possible. 

Internal artistic training

RED NOSES International Curriculum

RED NOSES Palestine (RNPS) offers a developed curriculum to maintain delivering high artistic quality standards and is constantly investing in the training of its artists. RED NOSES. With the implementation of a solid and uniformed curriculum with RED NOSES International (RNI), the RED NOSES group seeks to remain in the vanguard of artistic quality by providing the best possible training and education for its healthcare clowns.

The RNI Curriculum consists of eight study units ranging from artistic and healthcare studies, to clinical exposure, psychosocial studies, sociology and communication. It includes practical experience in the hospital, as well as the commitment to attend regular supervisions. Most of the trainings are held at the International School of Humour (ISH) in Vienna and bring together healthcare clowns from over eleven countries on a regular basis. The curriculum is obligatory for all RED NOSES healthcare clowns and comprises a total of 480 hours.

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