A beautiful soul

08.October 2020

A beautiful soul

It was one of our weekly visits in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Jordan University Hospital. As soon as we entered, we started singing and playing the ukulele for the three children who were there. In the middle bed, there was a boy around 3-4 years old, his eyes were open and facing the ceiling, he could not move his head and was struggling to look down to see us. He seemed quiet and calm, but I could see a tear at the edge of his right eye; I was not sure if he had been crying before we arrived, or if this was the way he cried with tears pouring out of him silently. 

I started approaching him slowly, singing softly, I got closer and closer until I was above his head, and finally our eyes met. It was a speechless moment; he stared so deeply into me, his eyes did not leave mine, and we were locked in a blissful conversation without words, I could feel his eyes speaking pure love.

I signalled to my clown-partner to get closer to us, she came and I moved her closer to the bed so he can see her as well. He looked at us with deep love and gratitude; I saw his chest moving as he inhaled so deeply, feeling a profound sigh of relief. As much as we touched his heart, he touched something deep in us as well. As much as he received from us, he gave us much more.

Thank you, beautiful Soul.