Dr. Dayee

Abdulrahman Nasab
Who is Dr. Dayee?
When you make a smile on someone's face, you heal their heart for free and alleviate the pains they feel.

Dr. Dhaye' (Dr. Lost) was born in a village nestled in Jabal Al-Dhaye' during one of the forgotten years, earning his name from the very mountain of his birth. Renowned for his inquiries into planetary paths and his gastronomic indulgences, Dr. Dhaye' has a penchant for starting his day with a Mansaf sandwich. He's celebrated for his exceptional skill in navigating lost roads and cities, tirelessly seeking out lost laughter. His unique specialty lies in the art of getting lost. Among his life's ambitions is a journey to Mars, where he hopes to explore all the lost planets and restore everything to its rightful place.